Thursday, January 07, 2016

Dr. Vijaya Venkat

The fact that she is no more is yet to sink in. For every question of yours I have twenty answers. From cold to cancer the body is capable of reversing and healing disease. Celebrate health not disease. Connect with Mother Earth. Add Life to Life. This was what she lived for and will live as long as there is life on Mother Earth.

My association with Dr. Vijaya Venkat started many years ago, in fact so ingrained are her principles that I don't remember when I really started. Initially l had met  Mr. Bhasker Save an organic farmer who opened my eyes to natural farming and living with nature. He was the first person to make me aware of the ill effects of the five whites refined salt, white sugar, white milk, white rice, white flour and refined oil. I read about Dr. Venkat in the papers and decided that I would need her help to avoid and if possible eliminate the five whites from my diet. I joined her course and saw her for the first time at the Dadar centre. She came across as an energetic passionate woman, totally in command of her subject and domain knowledge. With her able assistants Anju and Vaishali along with Gita she was unperturbed by every query l had. I played the devils advocate and tried my best to find flaws in her reasoning but she was able to defeat all my arguments using scientific knowledge and native wisdom at most times and rarely if these failed her, she used faith and spirituality to counter reason. Healthy food could br very tasty was demonstrated by the THAC in a manner unsurpassed by anybody I have known. She was copied and imitated by many but respected as the first person to adopt healthy food to modern lifestyles. A sure sign that she was agenius meant that she had her critics who lampooned her and labelled her as a crazy woman. The link between food  and sustainable existence was emphasised and l realised it only after I met her.

Dr. Venkat and her daughters, mainly Anju along with her staff gave me and my wife Daisy the strength and encouragement to walk the path of healthy lifestyle. The transformation in my life and diet has largely been sustained and barring some lapses l have been able to walk the path. In fact l feel that Vijaya Venkat lives through her followers and the ideals of natural living. Anju, Preeti and Dimpi along with the kitchen ladies and all the other staff past and present will surely continue her legacy. May the Lord give them strength to carry on Dr. Venkat's work. May her soul rest in peace.

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Meher CAP said...

Very well written Vispi.