Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Sadistic Deal?

The events in Nandigram in West Bengal over the last few days and the issue as a whole is the focus of my post today. The evidence is damning and the double standards and hypocrisy of the CPM stands thoroughly exposed. To terrorize a population of an area in which people were merely demanding to be left alone and allowed to live their own lives in the way they have done so is totally undemocratic. The CPM is not guilty of merely terrorizing the people but has killed looted and burnt down the dwellings of the people it was supposed to protect. This is being done to make way for Special Economic Zones for corporates and their rich clients. It is not that the land under question is a barren arid desert land. By all accounts Nandigram is a green and fertile agricultural zone. The CPM which swears by the common man and socialistic ideals all over the country are unable to apply the same yardstick to their show piece Government of West Bengal. The CM the so called wise Buddha has the gall to say today that their cadre has only retaliated. What kind of war is this where persons armed with sophisticated weapons aim and shoot at an unarmed populace surrounded and with nowhere to go.

As if this is not enough what shocks me further is the complete lack of reaction from the central leadership and the Congress party. How long will we held hostage by leaders who cannot see beyond vote banks and selfish self perpetuating deals? If the same events had happened in BJP led Gujarat the reaction of the Karats,Yechuris,Laloos,Pawars and Sonia would have been totally different. What is the difference between Narendra Modi who allowed his henchmen to kill and loot the Muslims for three days while the state looked the other way and Buddhadev Dasgupta who kept the police, CRPF, media and the intelligentsia away from Nandigram for more than a day to enable his stooges to indulge in arson, looting and cold blooded murder? Not for moment do I condone the events of Gujarat, but doesn't this double standard give a handle to the Hindu fundamentalists to justify their communal agenda?

And now comes the news that the "principled" stand that the Left had taken against the nuclear deal has come a cropper. Suddenly they find that they can allow the Govenment to proceed with the talks with international atomic energy groups to help operationalize the deal. It is very difficult to believe that this is not a sadistic deal. You allow our Government at the center to survive and we will overlook you evil deeds in West Bengal. It is a sadistic deal and totally condemnable in the eyes of the people of India. I appeal to the intelligentsia to call this bluff and lobby with the Governor of West Bengal Mr. Gopal Krishna Gandhi to recommend President rule and to restore to the people of Nandigram what is rightfully theirs.