Saturday, November 14, 2015

India Unravelling???

Even at the cost being baited and targetted, I am compelled to say I told you so. The series of actions and the brazen attempts to make India a theocratic state are so numerous, that it will take me a few days to list them. Rationalists killed, sedition laws brought out to counter criticism of the government, modification of textbooks to create false history or correct the errors of colonial historians. In 2014 when the election results were announced and a so-called saffron wave surged and swept a BJP led dispensation into power, I was considered a recluse and pariah in my own family and friend circle. I have chosen to keep quiet for some time and allow things to pass. However, I consider not speaking up today to be a crime. Those who read my blogs, must know that I have repeatedly warned you about Modi's authoritarianism and his mask of development. The mask is now falling and revealing the khaki shorts, which are hidden under the sartorial designer clothes which are part of the packaged brand Modi.

I again want to emphasize that the Congress is certainly responsible for this by their refusal to act and oppose Modi ideologically. Today at least a few politically aware and persons with a social conscience have risen and acted, by registering their protest by expressing their views in print and taking the unprecedented route of protest, by returning national awards. In the run up to the Bihar elections, a ploy to polarize the votes around communal issues was attempted. What succeeded in UP during the 2014 elections and was hailed as a master strategy to win more seats in UP to enable a clear majority in its march to Delhi, failed miserably in Bihar.

While I have nothing against anybody, I consider Modi and RSS as two sides  of the same coin. The second massive defeat of BJP and its mentors in Bihar may be a matter of caste arithmetics, but I am certain that if this atmosphere of hatred continues, all the development in the world will get negated. The danger of authoritarian rule and persecution of the minorities coupled with corruption in the form of crony capitalism is a disaster in the making. Disregard for environment, agriculture, healthcare and NGO's, intolerance for contrary views or dissent within the country and the party are there for all to see. Abuse of critics on social media by hired trolls are some of the many things which disgust me.
The undignified tamashas all over the world make me hang my head in shame. Our ex-PM Dr. Manmohan Singh was prophetic when he said that Modi as PM would be a disaster.