Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gay Rights

While one cannot debate the argument about individual freedom, there is no doubt that biologically heterosexuality is the norm and homosexuality or lesbianism constitutes deviant behavior. This is not a matter of judgment but an accepted scientific fact. But, we are not a perfect society and many imperfections are permitted.

Sexual act is meant for procreation and not pleasure. So by that yardstick, birth control and abortion should also be illegal. But if birth control and abortion are not permitted much harm will occur in society. Therefore the state is justified in controlling birth and allowing abortion due to the fact that we live in an imperfect society.

But, does the state have justification in criminalizing consensual deviant sex? I think not for this act is in the private domain and is not harming society. But if this behavior becomes a public or publicity act and tends to harm society or impressionable minds then some curbs are in order. Is pedophilia the result of suppressed homosexuality or a diseased mind inflicting a deviant behavior on an innocent child?

Are homosexuals and lesbians born with different sexual tendencies or do they acquire it? I really do not know the answer to this question. If acquired then I think we should treat it as a disease which needs treatment than a crime which needs punishment. One thing is clear that gays are not criminals, but it is equally clear that even when one pardons the exuberant outburst of relief of the gays on being given their freedom, homosexuality and lesbianism are not a celebration of life.

There rests my case.
Vispi Jokhi