Sunday, December 23, 2012

Brutal Violence Against Women

While justifiable outrage has occurred to protest against the brutal rape of the medical student in the capital city, the cynical view is that this is just the cycle of anger followed by life as usual. Nothing will change unless we understand that a society based on a collective consciousness of naked pursuit of wealth and power divorced from human values cannot be free from such cycles of violence. While human nature is essentially divine, the creature called man is capable of rising above all to reach divine levels, but is equally capable of sinking to levels of bestiality that can make the most ferocious creature appear tame.

While not alluding to specifics, i wish to recall the episodes of Satyameva Jayate where domestic violence against women on the issue of dowry, the brutalization of children by close relatives, murder of the girl child and violence against elders were highlighted. We lamented the waste of a Sunday morning and criticized The show and called it a publicity stunt. The brutalization of the women in the North-east due to AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) has been going on for years but since this is not affecting me, can i be bothered about it? We live in times where the state government which aided and abetted the worst crimes and bestiality against women more than a decade ago gets reelected thrice and shamelessly projects its leader as potential PM. Khap Panchayats order killing of women merely because they dare to love and be faithful to their love. Do we protest then? Do we even care?

Violence starts in our lives in every thought word and deed. Often the negative thought that results from anger and leading to hared, leads to harsh words and violent actions. An unkind word or expression of ill will can hurt more than a tight slap. Our desires to acquire material things at all costs, results in anger and tainted attached actions. The food we eat arouses passions and the consumption of animal flesh, unnatural to our species and nature can lead to violent behavior. Without for even a moment condoning, the violent behavior of the Delhi rapists, I feel the lack of proper exposure to sex education and the culture of patriarchal dominance must be addressed, if we wish to see a solution to this endless cycle of violence against women.

Also, it shames me to see the women coming out in the streets, to protest, while we men go about our "business as usual" attitude. For change each of us must introspect and try to eliminate violence in our thoughts words and deeds and be the change that we want to see in our neighborhood. We must rediscover our divine true consciousness and create a cumulative consciousness, which can foster an era of safety and security for one and all.

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