Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rajesh Khanna Unexplainable yet Explained!!!

All cliche ridden superlatives can fit the man who passed away and while he was there he was fondly remembered by  the generation which grew up seeing him, but in his death the magnitude of media coverage has left many youngsters dumb struck. Recently we have lost quite a few actors, but their death got the usual stories and a few movies, but i think the way Rajesh Khanna is being relived on screen is certainly more than our wildest imagination. By today's requirements, Kaka was a mis fit. He had no great physique, height or dancing ability, but he had expression and emoting capability which none of the contemporary  Khans, Kapoors or Roshans or Hashmis have. His style, mannerisms and looks spawned a generation which lived and died with each nuance and expression he immortalized on screen. While many thought that he had limited acting ability and a stereo typed acting style, i beg to differ cause his range of movies covered the masala romantic magic along with really meaningful cinema. While all have their eternal favorites, for me one unsung movie which stood out for its value systems and lessons in life was Bawarchi, where a simple cook held a mirror to society. Kati Patang, on widow remarriage, Khamoshi about mental illness, Amar Prem about prostitution, Anand about conquering death, Dushman about jail reform were all meaningful movies which redefined movies from run of the mill roles to sublime cinema.

The man was human, fallible and unable to keep a level head in the midst of adulation. His weakness for alcohol, slowly but surely spelled his fall from grace. He became known for his big ego and his career started going down hill. His inability to digest  his  success ruined his career and his family life. However, he was unable to make a transition from hero to character roles and i feel that was good since for our generation we were spared from a image of kaka which we had never seen.

The man is no more, but we are in for a feast for the next month as i am sure we can sit back and watch a few of his great movies and repeat the famous lines which have been etched into our memories like deep lines etched on our consciousness. Rajesh Khanna will continue to live for generations to come.
Dr. Vispi Jokhi

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