Thursday, December 01, 2011

Our Prime Minister and his policies

Who is a leader? Who is a CEO? Our Prime Minister never leads but is always lead by 2G's (Soniaji and Rahulji). He is a CEO working in the interests of the corporates. This is but natural because he has been appointed by Soniaji and is on the pay roll India inc. He has never faced an election and therefore cannot care for the people who elect their leaders. Everybody, without exception says that we have a gentle PM with the best CV in the world, but the net result of his interventions since 1990, when from an obscure position of chairman UGC, he was made finance minister in the Narsimha Rao government, his policies have led to the massive enrichment of the rich at the cost of the poor. The last two decades have seen,unprecedented rise in economic disparity, hitherto unknown in the history of India. While the 8-9% GDP story has made headlines, the rise in hunger, the decrease in per capita food consumption to pre-independence levels has barely made it to the consciousness of the people. The cost of deforestation, land degradation, destruction of livelihood of farmers, now traders, the nuclear disasters waiting to happen and the threat to our food from GM crops is yet to be calculated. In all probability the 1,76,000 crore 2G scam loss would be far less than the damage this man is inflicting on our nation. To top it all his insensitivity to the poor and makes his government undermine and dilute the few positive initiatives made by this government. If RTI Act, MGNREGA. Land Acquisition Act, Right to education and Right to food are on the agenda, every attempt is made to make reluctant concessions to the people of India. Corruption is a consequence of coalition dharma and if our poor PM cannot be blamed for it then he cannot even take the credit for the jailing of his ex-ministers and bureaucrats, as these were the result of judicial intervention only.

We the privileged classes have in the past two decades seen rising incomes, prosperity and exposure to world class products. These lollies have distracted us and disconnected us from poor classes. However, there are grass root workers and leaders who are working tirelessly for the voiceless masses. As concerned citizens, we must firstly come out of our cocoons and open our eyes to the reality surrounding us. The least we can do is apply our mind and exert pressure on Government to see reason and make its policies pro-people. I do not think that the situation is not yet reached an irreversible slide, and there is still hope for our country and its people.
Dr. Vispi Jokhi

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