Friday, August 20, 2010


I just saw this movie and and I must say that I have never seen a movie which is so entertaining and at the same time such a brutally hard hitting story. The characters in the movie are so authentic that it is hard to believe that they are actually acting. The issues of farmers suicide, rural indebtedness, caste interplay, women empowerment, center-state relationships, cynical power playing politicians, seeds monopoly, print vs visual media, English vs Hindi media have all been dealt with in this movie. And if this list makes you think you are watching a documentary film, one is mistaken, as this movie is a thoroughly entertaining movie which makes you laugh when you watch it but cry bitterly for your country when one analyzes the film. There are many dialogues which are memorable. The dialogue between Nathu and his brother who while declaring his intentions of dying for his land, cleverly convinces Nathu about the greater profitability of his death to the family. Also the debate of the rural journalist with the media's female urban darling on seeing the whole story and creating positive change through journalism. These are just two examples from among the many incidents portrayed in peepli live.

Peepli live is a peoples movie,and an attempt to focus on the other India in a manner which can simply be described entertaining but can also be seen as a vivid, vibrant picture of rural India or Bharat.

I congratulate its makers and wish the youth see this movie in large numbers

Vispi Jokhi

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