Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gay Rights

While one cannot debate the argument about individual freedom, there is no doubt that biologically heterosexuality is the norm and homosexuality or lesbianism constitutes deviant behavior. This is not a matter of judgment but an accepted scientific fact. But, we are not a perfect society and many imperfections are permitted.

Sexual act is meant for procreation and not pleasure. So by that yardstick, birth control and abortion should also be illegal. But if birth control and abortion are not permitted much harm will occur in society. Therefore the state is justified in controlling birth and allowing abortion due to the fact that we live in an imperfect society.

But, does the state have justification in criminalizing consensual deviant sex? I think not for this act is in the private domain and is not harming society. But if this behavior becomes a public or publicity act and tends to harm society or impressionable minds then some curbs are in order. Is pedophilia the result of suppressed homosexuality or a diseased mind inflicting a deviant behavior on an innocent child?

Are homosexuals and lesbians born with different sexual tendencies or do they acquire it? I really do not know the answer to this question. If acquired then I think we should treat it as a disease which needs treatment than a crime which needs punishment. One thing is clear that gays are not criminals, but it is equally clear that even when one pardons the exuberant outburst of relief of the gays on being given their freedom, homosexuality and lesbianism are not a celebration of life.

There rests my case.
Vispi Jokhi


Zareer K'Maneck said...
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Zareer K'Maneck said...

This is an issue that I am having trouble coming to any conclusions on. I have quite a few gay friends and I dare say there behaviour in no way has brought any change to my sexual preferences. My friends have never raped, man handled any one nor have they indulged in any lewd public acts (at least not that I am aware of) I am also quite confident that they do not participate, promote or condone any sexual activity with minors.
Like you correctly pointed out if intercourse is meant only for procreation then homosexuality is a crime but then so is abortion & birth control. and that's saying a lot.
The more I study socially acceptable behaviour, the more I realize that religion plays a very strong role in making of these laws. However, law should be independent of religion. If homosexuality is against a particular religion, then homosexuals have the choice of not following that religion. Other than the fact that homosexuality does not lead to procreation I see no reason why homosexuality should not be legal. All the other acts (pedophilia, non consensual sexual activity, etc) can be controlled by fine tuning existing laws that behave with these issues.

badman said...

Homosexuality is normal, although less common than heterosexuality.

Nature thrives on diversity.

Homosexuals benefit their tribe and their kindred. Homosexuals are alive, love life, and lighten the lives of those around them.

Very few sexual acts result in procreation, relative to the total of sexual acts. Marriage is permitted to people beyond childbearing age and to people who for medical reasons cannot have children. We also permit contraception.

If sex were only for procreation, it would be a very inefficient means to that end. Rather, sex is for building relationships. Procreation is a by product and not essential to the life and value of a sexual relationship.

shantanu said...

In the animal kingdom, sex is undoubtedly for procreation. Mating takes place only during season when the female is in fertile and impregnable. It is ONLY in humans that there is an option for sex without procreation

Since the importance of reproduction is paramount to the survival of a species and the responsibility of raising the young can be onerous, the sex act is one that is intensely pleasurable. Giving pleasure and taking of pleasure is the currency of transaction in intimate human relationships. Skin to skin contact also generates Oxytocin and promotes close bonding.

Not all religions reject sex that is not for procreation. In the ancient Brihadaranyaka Upanishad there are verses that describe how to engage in non-procreative sex as a spiritual practice. Tantric sex has similar objectives. It is the later Pauranic versions that became more restrictive and confined it to sex for procreation.

Sexual orientation is claimed to be genetic. The issue of Homosexuality is not huge in social terms as a percentage of population. When practiced between consenting adults who have committed enduring relationships, homosexuality moves from a social to a personal / private domain.

Problems occur when Homosexuals
1. Proselytize their sexual orientation aggressively desiring to create a competing "Gay Culture"
2. Prey upon minors and adult victims. This often occurs in prison populations. Where priests are required to be celibate, homosexuals are driven to the profession. They then prey upon the young boys left with them for religious guidance. It also can occur where communities cover up their women completely or keep them in isolation, so that the only attractive faces that single men see are those of young boys
3. Practice promiscuous behavior leading to the spread of venereal diseases like AIDS

In societies where there is extreme sexual freedom, perversions like pedophilia etc are rife. With normal sexual activity easily available, it becomes inadequate for thrill seekers who desire an escalation of excitement and forbidden pleasures.

The primary purpose of eating is to keep the body nourished. Yet, we eat for myriad reasons. We eat because a spouse or mother has lovingly prepared a meal, we eat to give company to our friends, we eat when tempted by delicious food and so on. When we forget the primary purpose of eating, we become obese, get diabetes and hypertension, require joint replacement and invite a host of ills.

Similarly the primary purpose of sex is procreation and to minimize and reduce emphasize on this purpose is to create a host of ills.

Shantanu Nagarkatti

Anonymous said...

Your question: Are "homosexuals" and "lesbians" born with different sexual tendencies, or do they acquire it? This needs to be answered by a medical doctor - and I see Dr. Vispi Jokhi and Dr. Shah Alam Khan (both contributors on are silent or ignorant.

As a layman, and from whatever knowledge I have - both are acquired sexual tendencies (or deviant behaviour), just like "child molesting" - as innocent / immature children need protection from "predator"/"prowler". All these can be corrected / rectified with detailed consultation from "psychologists", specializing in that area.

If states / governments jump to justify "same-sex" behaviour, the motive behind it is quite apparent - vote-bank politics.

So, this needs careful vetting from disinterested parties, setting aside EVEN religious perspectives / views / opinions.

An Indian