Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Victory of Narendra Modi

The verdict is out. The people of Gujarat have chosen their leader. While I beleive that in a democratic set up the verdict of the people obtained by fair means is to be respected. 
An important distinction has to be made here and I want to draw the readers 
attention to it. This victory cannot and does not absolve Modi of the crimes he and 
his cohorts have commited against a large section of the muslim population 
euphemistically called the minorities. State terrorism is a bigger crime than religious 
terrorism. Those of us who complacently stand by with a"not in my backyard" attitude
must remember that unless civil society resists and opposes the communal politics of 
hatred which Modi and his ilk stand for they too may some day become  victims of state
terror. The Congress party has failed the people by not opposing Modi's ideology. 
I am certainly not of the view that the Congress erred by calling a spade a spade ie.
calling Modi a merchant of death. In fact the apologetic attitude of the party subsequent
to that and its attempt to appease the minorities and tribals exposed it as a trader 
of vote banks. Therefore the Congress in Gujarat became an  object of ridicule rather 
than a challenger. The role of the media print and television in exposing 
the misdeeds of Modi and his murderous clan has to be applauded. Also the secular NGO's 
Teetsa Setalvad, Harsh Mandar, Mallika Sarabhai, Medha Patkar, Arundhati Roy and the countless nameless workers from their organisations need to be saluted for the
commited efforts they have made and continue to make to expose Modi's crimes. 

It is time for the real Indian to stand up and show to the world that he does not subscribe
to the ideology of hatred even if it masquerades in the garb of economic development. We cannot depend upon the politicians for this important task. As for the voter of Gujarat, they
must remember that while today they gloat over the victory of Modi and believe that he can stand against terrorism, it is Modi's brand of politics which creates terrorists. If a bonafide citizen cannot be ensured  a secure existence by a democratic government he can easily land in the lap of terrorists.

The fight is on and India will redeem itself if Modi and his ilk are prosecuted by the law of the land for the crimes they have committed. The perpetrators of mass riots have mostly never been punished but there is always a first time and I hope and pray that this happens in my beloved India.



Anonymous said...

MOdi victory tells us two things that the very gujarat from where ahimsa and empathy were taught, to day it seems Gujarat people have found a hero who gives them false power who preaches them to stand up for hindutva and who polarises the the whole state with religion,caste, false power and belief and who very shrudely plays with emmotion and feeling of the large population and has become there so called hero ,we need to wait 5 more years for justice, but he has transformed the people phyisc from peace loving emapthising , coexitng from a inclusive society to a society who are losing tempers, intolerant , hatred insecured,volitle , are this the value our forfather preached in gujarat or would you like to preach it to your childern

Vispi said...

Dear Homi,
You are right. Values have taken a back seat. The Gujrat voter thinks that if i can make money in a climate of a false peace induced by fear then principles be damned.