Sunday, March 25, 2007

Diet cycles in Ayurveda

The Theory of Natural hygiene is the basis of the diet cycles in Ayurveda or the ancient science of medicine. We need to ingest, excrete and assimilate what we eat and drink. Therefore we divide the day into three eight hour cycles for the same.

Excretion or detoxification is the key to good health. This starts occurring from 4am to 12 noon. Therefore in this period it is mandatory on our part to consume foods which are easily digested and put no or minimal strain on the digestive system and at the same time make us alert and energetic for the day to begin. This is best done by fruits and fruit juices alone. Fruits consumed on an empty stomach get digested and emptied from the stomach in less than half an hour and give instant energy and alertness to the body.

From 12 noon to sunset is the time for ingestion. A meal containing raw vegetable juice, raw salad, sprouted salad and steamed vegetables is an ideal combination. In the evening a repeat dose of fruits along with raw unsalted nuts or dry fruits will give us the sustenance and energy to increase our output and work effectively. An early dinner preferably before 8 pm consisting a similar meal with a single cereal either unpolished rice or jowar bajri as the accompanying bread would be the correct combination.

A liberal quantum of sour lime with the meals, use of rock salt or sea salt and no water are the other features of this diet. Use of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and sprouts is the ideal combination for a healthy life.

Exposure to sunlight in the morning and evening, holistic physical exercise using the techniques of Hatha Yoga and meditation one or two times a day are the essential life style modifications recommended.

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